Training Workshops

Our Timberlands Division provides the following training workshops to our valued clients:

Environmental/Sustainable Forest Management Systems

Health and Safety Programs

Log Quality Specifications

British Columbia Wildfire Service S100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety Training and Certification

Upon completion of this course, the participant will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the wildland fire suppression organizational structure, the wildland fire environment, suppression and safety procedures, and equipment used in British Columbia to effectively and safely respond as a basic wildland firefighter. Successful participants will receive the B.C. Forest Service S100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety certificate.

British Columbia Wildfire Service S100A Annual Fire Safety Refresher Training and Certification

Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods TDG Training and Certification

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Our Core Business

Our roots are in forest resources management, and managing forests and woodlands successfully is our core business.

"Natural resources management is the practice of land stewardship of both public and private primarily forested lands for the outcome of reaching a balance of ecological sustainability, economic viability and societal acceptance. It is a science-based approach with a foundation in ecological health, best business practices, professional ethics, traditional values, transparency and multi-stakeholder participation."[1]