Timberlands Division

Our Timberlands Division provides the following services to our valued clients:

Forest Management

  • Timber assessments and appraisal
  • Private land timber marketing
  • Forest engineering field audits
  • Total chance planning
  • Timber, road and cutblock reconnaisance
  • Resource road design and layout
  • Bridge and major culvert site surveys and data collection
  • Cutblock design and layout
  • Riparian assessments
  • Stream classification and inventory
  • Fish and wildlife habitat assessments
  • Windthrow assessments
  • Site plan field work and prescriptions
  • Operational mapping
  • Cutting permit, road permit, burning permit and special-use permit preparation and applications
  • Fuel hazard assessments and abatement
  • Wildfire threat assessments, forest fuel and fire management plans
  • Road deactivation prescriptions

Industrial Forestry

  • Management and supervision of ground-based/cable logging operations and log hauling
  • Management and supervision of road/bridge construction, maintenance and deactivation
  • Development and implementation of log quality inspection systems
  • Logging system productivity studies (e.g.: mechanical falling, rubber tire skidding, crawler skidding, forewarder skidding, delimbing and processing, and loading)
  • Log delivery system productivity studies (e.g.: loading, hauling, unloading, and log yard/log dump practices)
  • Logging rate dispute audits and analyses
  • Log haul rate dispute audits and analyses
  • Log haul cycle time dispute audits and analyses

Environmental Management

  • Management and supervision of road/bridge construction and timber harvesting to ensure activities comply with plans, government legislation and company environmental/sustainable forest management systems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Development of Environmental Management Systems

Resource Road Management

  • Annual resource road, culvert and bridge inspections (e.g.: documenting inspections, risk rating road sections, mapping and maintaining associated database)
  • Management and supervision of road/bridge construction, maintenance and deactivation
  • Road, culvert and bridge maintenance/deactivation prescriptions
  • Road maintenance production and quality audits and analyses
  • Road safety field audits
  • Road Marshall services
  • Installation of road/bridge signage
  • Right-of-way vegetation management

Erosion & Sediment Control

  • Selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls during road construction and deactivation operations

Project Management

  • Scheduling work and organizing crews and equipment to effect the safe development, harvesting and delivery of timber
  • Scheduling work and organizing crews to effect the safe maintenance of resource roads
  • Scheduling work and organizing crews to effect the safe design and layout of resource roads and cutblocks

Training Workshops


The following are samples of current and past clients our Timberlands Division has served since our incorporation in 2006:

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Our Core Business

Our roots are in forest resources management, and managing forests and woodlands successfully is our core business.

"Natural resources management is the practice of land stewardship of both public and private primarily forested lands for the outcome of reaching a balance of ecological sustainability, economic viability and societal acceptance. It is a science-based approach with a foundation in ecological health, best business practices, professional ethics, traditional values, transparency and multi-stakeholder participation."[1]